Sunglasses Guide Spring/Summer 2018

For the spring/ summer 2018 sunglasses trends, you better go big or go home. We saw all kinds of different shapes this season, but overwhelmingly, the sunglasses were large – perfect for protecting the eyes from the summer sun. Yes, there were a few reasonably sized options in the spring/ summer 2018 sunglasses, but they were in the minority.
The key design elements we saw were cat eye frames, in all manner of variations, along with some rounded and rectangular shapes, and the materials they were made of ran the gamut from plastic to metal to acetate. We saw other shapes and designs as well, with the most unique ones featuring interesting and unusual shapes, sci-fi vibes, or lots of appliques.

Extreme Cat Eye Frames.

Some designers created cat eye frames that were a little more angled and sharp, in order to stand out in the crowd of the spring/ summer 2018 sunglasses. Some of the lenses were large, while others were quite small, which actually made them look sharper and more interesting.

Small Round Frames.

The Beatles are forever, and so are the rounded tiny sunglasses popularized by John Lennon. We saw a few interesting takes on this iconic look as part of summer 2018 sunglasses trends.

Bewjewlled Sunglasses.

I’m usually not a fan of bling-on glasses, sun-protective or otherwise, but as part of the spring 2018 sunglasses trends, I have to admit that some designers changed my mind.

Sporty Glasses.
If you rock a more casual style, you’ll be happy to know that the spring/ summer 2018 eyewear trends have lots of options for you for more sporty sunglasses that will fit well, won’t break easily, and can even work for extreme summer adventures.

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