Hit the sack in style and make your bed into the centerpiece of the room with a comfortable, good-looking selection.
Whether you’re after stripes, florals, abstract or plain bedding, our roundup has suggestions for all tastes.

When choosing your design be sure to check the fine detail, especially when buying online as some of the shades may not appear quite as they do on a computer screen, while some patterns don’t show up background colours very well online.

Your next consideration should be fabric type. With cotton the biggest myth is that the higher the thread-count, the better the quality. In fact the opposite can be true, with a better quality fibre with a lower thread count feeling softer and standing up to washing better than a sheet of lower-quality fibre with a higher thread count. Indeed while an “honest” 250-thread count sheet is made up of 125 vertical threads and 125 horizontal threads woven together, a “misleading” 750-thread count has exactly the same number of threads, but with manufacturers twisting the threads together then multiplying the count by three. This triple-ply thread is made with cheaper, weaker and less durable cotton woven together in a more thick, dense and less breathable thread. The solution? Remember it’s the thread, not the thread-count that matters most. Ideally buy single-ply yarns made of extra-long staple (or at least long-staple) cotton – and bear in mind that great quality cotton bedding is roughly between 180- and 300-thread-count.
You may also want to consider a sateen weave, which has more vertical than horizontal yarns. On the upside, this makes it softer; on the downside, it’s more prone to tearing and pilling. You can also go for intricate weaves, such as jacquards and damasks, which are just as durable but tend to be more expensive.

Another popular fabric is a cotton-polyester blend. Not only is it more affordable, but it is wrinkle-resistant and durable. But unlike pure cotton, it includes synthetic fibres which can leave you waking up feeling clammy and it is more likely to stain. Polyester can also irritate sensitive skin and attract static electricity.

Finally, remember that patterns and colours are usually applied after they are woven, which means the sheets can feel stiff until you’ve washed them a few times, although some quality weaves – including jacquard – are made of fabrics woven from coloured yarns.

All the sets – mostly just duvet covers and pillowcases, although some come with sheets – we’ve included have been slept on and washed and are available in single, double, kingsize and superking unless stated otherwise. All UK suppliers conform to the same measurements, although some overseas brands, such as IKEA, have slightly different measurements, so be sure to check with your bed and mattress. All of the ones we’ve listed are machine-washable, too.

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